Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Horses & Healing

When I was introduced to Spring Ducatti - aka Duckie -  he was for sale because he was a bit too much horse for the adult amateur that currently owned him, and he was very athletic and powerful.  I was searching for my next horse, and I was told I should go out to try him.  I was blown away by his beauty and his movement - and a bit intimidated by his strength and athleticism. 

A Force of Nature

Rising Stars

The Big Red Bow


Most Popular Achievements

Ageless Pursuit

My Journey to a USDF Gold Medal at age 67 By Dawn Metzger My name is Dawn. I am a 67-year-old semiretired small animal veterinarian. I...

World Class

As a rider, trainer, judge, and official, Linda Zang has forever expanded what’s possible in dressage By Natalie DeFee Mendik Reprinted from the November/December 2019 issue...

Vincent Flores: From Expatriate Engineer to Dressage Trainer

By Samantha Yonika If you’re ever looking for Vincent Flores, you can almost always find him at the barn, teaching a clinic or lesson, cantering around the...

American Saddlebred “Born to Rage” Shows on the Devon Stage

By Ruby Tevis Before 2019, Dressage at Devon had never seen an American Saddlebred compete in Materiale, until Laura Jumpp stepped in to the ring...

American Dressage Legends: E.G. Charles “Chuck” Grant

Chuck Grant 1914-1990 Trainer of seventeen competitive Grand Prix horses, instructor and noted author, he introduced Dressage to the Midwest and inspired students for...

Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame

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