Monday, October 18, 2021

5 Things You Didn’t Know About EQUITANA

As the mother of all horse fairs and the world's largest meeting place for equestrian sports, EQUITANA has been setting standards since 1972.

Exercise Of The Day #15 – Hill Work

By Eliza Sydnor Romm Hills are a great strengthening tool for both the horse’s mind and body. Going up hills strengthens the back and hindquarters....

Exercise Of The Day #14 – Using the Diamond for Canter Pirouettes

By Eliza Sydnor I learned this exercise from Steffen Peters. Riding a diamond from E or B up towards A or C, I collect the...

Live With Lindinhof: Let’s Talk About Training Barns

Live With Lindinhof: Let's Talk About Training Barns | Opinionated Horsewoman Recording of our live stream where I interviewed USDF Certified Dressage Instructor Megan...
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