Things to Look Forward to in 2022

By Chelsey Burris Happy New Year!  As we kick off 2022, here are a few things that every dressage lover should mark on their calendar...

Winter Wonderland

Walking in a winter wonderland!  Winter has arrived, bringing snow to the more northern regions and cooler temperatures to the more southern regions.  We...

Hope Floats

My adventures with Gladys, aka Hope Floats, began when she was three years old.  I had just immigrated to the United States from Canada and was horseless.  We had gone to a local breeder to look at another horse when this lovely pinto came floating by in the pasture.  My husband wisely said, “We should take her”.  Luckily she was for sale, and we took her home.  She was basically unbroken, however the breeder had given her excellent ground training so, after getting to know her, I started her under saddle.  I had never really started a horse before, not to mention I only really started riding in my forties.  We struggled along together for a couple of years..she was always so tolerant and allowed me to learn, but I made many mistakes.  In true Gladys fashion, she did a lot of eye-rolling at my incompetence, but she always forgave me and did her best to learn what I was trying to teach both of us.

A Grey Cloud’s Silver Lining 

By Liz Hill My first horse, Cairo, was a draft cross (Shire x QH?) that I rescued as a weanling from the Pregnant Mares’ Urine...

Working in the Double Bridle

0 1999 USDF National Symposium featuring Conrad Schumacher. Watch as Conrad addresses work in the double bridle including half pass and passage.

Life Before and Life After

It’s a feeling that many riders are all-too familiar with: you're standing on the mounting block with a pit in your stomach, heart pounding, trying to slow your breathing. Maybe it starts before you get to the mounting block, when you swing the saddle over your horse’s back. Maybe it starts far earlier than that, on the drive over to the barn. No matter the timing, many equestrians struggle with riding anxiety at some point. Some find a way to address it and move on, while others spend years trying to reconcile the sport they love with the fear that holds them back.

Red and Gold

Photo by Katie Lewis

My Painted Dragon

We are celebrating Splash of Color month on YourDressage!  Whether your horse is a registered Paint, Appaloosa, Knabstrupper, or Gypsy Horse, sports a patched...

The “Closed” Horse

Modern master Charles de Kunffy explains the biomechanics of collection Dressage Principles Illuminated is one of modern classical master and prolific author Charles de Kunffy’s...

Meet the Certified Instructor – Susann Regalmuto

Susann is a USDF Certified Instructor through Fourth Level, an “L” Graduate, and a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. She began her early riding...