The Many Faces of Dressage: An American Cream Draft’s Perspective

Join us on an exclusive first hand account of dressage riders, owners, and breeders and their unique mounts! This series will explore...

Harmony In Red

Photo by Tina Fitch Photography

Word of the Week – Stiff/Stiffness

STIFF/STIFFNESS - Inability (as opposed to unwillingness) to flex the joints or stretch the musculature to the degree and in the...

Meet the At Large Director – Sue Mandas, Activities Council

What is your role within the council? My job is to facilitate communication between the six committees on...

A Founding Club – Kansas City Dressage Society

In 1967, several dressage enthusiasts, including Arlene Rigdon, Lois Arnold, and Linda Landers, began an equestrian study group. The gatherings grew and...

The Elusive Essence of How

By Susan Downs Parrish Ph.D. Arthur Kottas is seen by many, if not most classical dressage riders, as an...

What is your favorite horse-related memory?

What is your favorite horse-related memory? USDF wants to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

How An Equitation Class Can Help You

By Cassie Sherwood Razmitaz and I have been a team for six years now. ...

Using the Three Loop Serpentine to Improve the Trot

0 Betsy Steiner explains how the serpentine can be used to improve the trot. Excerpt from the...