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What Makes a Good Para-Dressage Horse?

Para-dressage runs parallel to “able-bodied” dressage in almost every aspect. When it comes to selecting a horse, is there any difference between the two disciplines? By Elizabeth Moyer Reprinted from the January/February 2020 issue of USDF Connection magazine

My Boy Blue

My goals and aspirations were turned on their head in 2010, when a ranching accident resulted in the loss of my left hand. Three months after my accident, I weaned myself off all medication so that I could ride out with my crew to work bulls in the fall. I have been riding and starting colts ever since, never looking back.

Robin’s Revival

Robin had gas-colicked a few times and was occasionally choking; he was thin and losing weight. Everyone believed it was the beginning of the end. Fortunately, his bouts of colic didn’t make Ann-Louise hesitant for him to do a little work. However, she didn’t know that letting him carry a disabled woman around for an hour a week would set them both on a marvelous journey.

Challenged, To Victory – The Genevieve Rohner Story

Meet the Youngest U.S. Classified Para Equestrian - Genevieve Rohner. She is a Grade IV Para Equestrian based in Park City, UT. "To say my daughter’s life in the equestrian world ‘has been’ a journey is not correct, as that implies something has ended. In fact, the journey is still unfolding."

Parallel Lines: Dressage and Para-Dressage

Casual observers may wonder why walk-trot tests are included in the World Equestrian Games. In an exclusive interview, USEF national para-equestrian dressage coach and coordinator Kai Handt explained why para-dressage is much more than USDF Introductory Level. He also set the record straight on the realities and challenges of the para-dressage discipline.

Get Started in Para-Equestrian Dressage

Para-equestrian is a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) discipline for athletes with a permanent, measurable physical disability. Para-dressage stands parallel to dressage as an option for these athletes.

The Best Medicine

I was on an ATV with friends, heading to a sitting area by the lake. On the way there, we hit a pothole and flipped the ATV. The roll bar crushed and completely severed my right arm. I remember sitting in the hospital, worrying about whether I would ever be able to ride again. That was my main concern. When I resumed riding, Pippen took care of me with every step we took.
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