Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Word of the Week – Beat

BEAT – Footfall of a hoof or a diagonal pair of hooves that strike the ground virtually simultaneously. The timing of the footfalls determines...

Word of the Week – Late Behind

LATE BEHIND – In flying changes, the hind legs change leads after the forelegs change. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Expression

EXPRESSION – Increased impulsion, with harmony, balance, lightness, and cadence, giving artistic or dramatic effect. Full glossary:

Pep Talk

Pep Talk, Photo by Cheryl Pelly, 2016 USDF Art Contest 2nd place winner in Adult Photography

Five Glossary of Judging Terms You May Not Know

ENGAGEMENT - Increased flexion in joints of the hind legs during the weight-bearing (stance) phase of the stride, lowering the croup relative to the...

Word of the Week – Connection/Connected

CONNECTION/CONNECTED - State in which there is no blockage, break, or slack in the circuit that joins horse and rider into a...

Word of the Week – Contact

CONTACT - The energy generated in the hindquarters by the driving aids must flow through the whole body of the horse and is received...

Word of the Week – Correctness

CORRECTNESS - The straightness of the action of the limbs (e.g., faults would be winging, paddling, twisting hocks). Not the same as Purity. Dressage...

Word of the Week – Counter Change of Hand

COUNTER CHANGE OF HAND - A movement containing two (2) half passes and the horse should be straight for a moment before changing direction. Full...
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