Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Mentor and Student

Heard Around the Arena


Tales, Tips and Take-Aways From a Serial Clinic Organizer

By Sheli King I am a very active member of both my GMO, serving as the vice president of the Virginia Dressage Association (VADA), and...

A Ride Worth Waiting For as Regional Championships Get Underway on...

By Yellow Horse Marketing for the US Dressage Finals Jessica Greer of Denver, Colo. is a rider on a mission. When she enters the arena...

From FEI Young Riders to Adopting an American Saddlebred: Reflections from...

This year, I’ve been patiently standing in the wash rack with hose in hand, watching for this horse’s eyes to soften before I spray. This year, I’ve been grabbing a fistful of chestnut mane as we venture outside of the arena. This year, I’ve been gaining the trust of a horse who has every reason not to trust anymore.

A Life Spent with Saddlebreds

My adventures with Saddlebreds began in 1995. My family had purchased the Saddlebred stallion Flight Time Gold. He was magnificent. Platinum mane and tail, so much sheen he shimmered in the sun, a partial blue eye, a blaze, and two high whites in the back. He was like a horse out of a fairy tale. My family wanted to breed Saddlebreds for sport, mainly dressage, three day eventing, and driving. He was the key to building those dreams.

Lightning Struck Blue

20 Years Later

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