Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Do you and your horse dress up for Halloween?

What was your favorite costume? USDF wants to hear from you! Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.


Do Stereotypies Affect Dressage Peformance?

Equine “vices” are annoying. Can they also affect soundness or other aspects of performance? Here’s what we learned. By...

Get the Horse Cookies

By Nancy Stone With my daughter, I perused the first-place prize options.  Did I want another wine glass with...

Century Club Members: Mary Johnson and Bashka

The Century Club recognizes dressage riders and horses whose combined ages total 100 years or more. Horse and rider perform a test...

Keeping You and Your Horse Grounded in Times of Chaos

By Sophie Wayner Welcome to Part 3 in our new series, “Clear Eyes, Sound Mind, Halt, Salute.” Focusing on...

Secrets from the Vault

Remembering Lila Kommerstad

My Entrance into Dressage

Wendy & Ever So

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Weekly Poll

What age did you decide dressage was the discipline for you?
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