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Dreams Out Of Darkness – Reflections On A Fairytale Evening

Para equestrian Holly Lovejoy shares about modeling in a photo shoot with a Gypsy Horse, a magical encounter that helped remind her of the more enchanting parts of life.

A Lifelong Journey

By Heidi Terezakis: I lost around 100lbs on my own, & then a little more, but I was never able to get down past 190lbs or a size 12, no matter how hard I tried.

White Knight

Our partnership has grown stronger with each passing day. Candyman has become the horse I can rely on for a fantastic ride.

What Makes a Good Para-Dressage Horse?

Para-dressage runs parallel to “able-bodied” dressage in almost every aspect. When it comes to selecting a horse, is there any difference between the two disciplines? By Elizabeth Moyer Reprinted from the January/February 2020 issue of USDF Connection magazine

Challenged, To Victory – The Genevieve Rohner Story

Meet the Youngest U.S. Classified Para Equestrian - Genevieve Rohner. She is a Grade IV Para Equestrian based in Park City, UT. "To say my daughter’s life in the equestrian world ‘has been’ a journey is not correct, as that implies something has ended. In fact, the journey is still unfolding."

Cinderellas’ Gloves

In August 2010, Courtney Anderson lost her left hand in a ranching accident, when she was only 18 years old. While she was ponying a mare to another pasture on the ranch where she was working, the mare spooked and Courtney found her hand caught in the rope, unable to free herself. Much of her hand was damaged far too extensively to consider other options. However, six week post-op, they couldn’t keep her away, and Courtney was horseback gathering and working bulls. Needless to say, since the accident Courtney has become quite adept at thinking outside of the box to accomplish her goals.

A Fairytale Called Mason

Our story really is a fairytale complete with true love, dancing, fairy godmothers, sidekicks, and a happily ever after. Thanks to Mason I’m ready for the next big chapter on the way to the international para dressage ring.

From the YourDressage Community


A trainer in Region 3 shares about her first time shopping for a horse across the pond, and the cute young Westfalen that became her ‘Dreamheart.’

Regaining the Spark

Silver Wend (aka Neala) is a 2008 Irish Draught Sport Horse. I got her as my first horse seven years ago. She couldn’t have been a more perfect first horse for 11 year-old me. She loves to be around people, she's goofy and playful, and she is always willing to try everything I ask of her. Overall, she just has a heart of gold.

Orion: A Shining Star

Orion is one of the sweetest horses I have worked with. He always wanted to please the rider, and tried his best to accomplish the demanding tasks required in upper-level dressage tests.

Hope Hand: A Memorial

At the conclusion of the June 19 Perrigo CPEDI3*, athletes, coaches, grooms, and friends gathered to remember Hope Hand, a key leader and supporter of the Para Dressage movement, who sadly passed away in early June 2022. Watch the memorial here.

Indiana Dressage Society (IDS)

Group Member Organizations (GMOs) are the foundation of USDF and integral in bringing dressage and dressage education to the masses. Stay connected with your...

The Image of Success

By Kate Rawlinson Editor's Note: This article won first place in 2016 for a GMO newsletter award for first-person experience for GMOs with 75-174 members....

The Dressage Company

Around the Office

SPOTLIGHT ON: USDF Regional Adult Amateur Equitation Program presented by Big Dee’s Tack &...

The importance of equitation in all equestrian sports, but especially in the dressage arena, cannot be overlooked and must be a priority. This program helps to promote these fundamentals.

Meet the L Graduate – Suzan Saylor

Suzan Saylor, of Bellville, TX, has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, as well as her USDF Gold Freestyle Bar. Suzan is a long-time member of the Houston Dressage Society. How long have...

The StallionExpo Perpetual Trophy – A USDF Perpetual Trophy

Every year at the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, year-end award winners, champions, and high-score recipients are presented with perpetual trophies commemorating their achievements. Even beyond the significance of the awards, many of these trophies incorporate...

Staff Profile: Amber Wiseman

Department: Marketing Job title: Marketing and Sales Manager What is your main task in the office? I oversee the running of the Lendon F. Grey Bookstore and USDF Online Store, and run the USDF merchandise booths...
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George Williams Accepts 1991 All-Breeds Award

USDF President George Williams accepts the second place Prix St. Georges award for the 1991 All-Breeds Awards on behalf of The Temple Lipizzans' Conversano II Belvedera (Conversano II Andora x Belvedera).

Understanding the USDF Governance Structure and Elections in 2023

Learn about the USDF Governance structure and upcoming elections in 2023
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