Thursday, June 8, 2023

Beyond Measure

I have always been attracted to the “diamond in the rough”, the underdog, if you will. By Karen Sanchez

Face to Face

Convening in person offers advantages that virtual meetings just can’t replicate By George Williams, USDF President Reprinted from the March/April 2023 issue of USDF Connection.

What I Bring to Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

By Annette Spinetti: a Region 5 trainer shares the story of the two young Dutch Harness Horses she purchased through a broker and brought home to Las Vegas - and how they have thrived in their dressage careers so far!

What Makes a Good Para-Dressage Horse?

Para-dressage runs parallel to “able-bodied” dressage in almost every aspect. When it comes to selecting a horse, is there any difference between the two disciplines? By Elizabeth Moyer Reprinted from the January/February 2020 issue of USDF Connection magazine

Challenged, To Victory – The Genevieve Rohner Story

Meet the Youngest U.S. Classified Para Equestrian - Genevieve Rohner. She is a Grade IV Para Equestrian based in Park City, UT. "To say my daughter’s life in the equestrian world ‘has been’ a journey is not correct, as that implies something has ended. In fact, the journey is still unfolding."

Cinderellas’ Gloves

In August 2010, Courtney Anderson lost her left hand in a ranching accident, when she was only 18 years old. While she was ponying a mare to another pasture on the ranch where she was working, the mare spooked and Courtney found her hand caught in the rope, unable to free herself. Much of her hand was damaged far too extensively to consider other options. However, six week post-op, they couldn’t keep her away, and Courtney was horseback gathering and working bulls. Needless to say, since the accident Courtney has become quite adept at thinking outside of the box to accomplish her goals.

A Fairytale Called Mason

Our story really is a fairytale complete with true love, dancing, fairy godmothers, sidekicks, and a happily ever after. Thanks to Mason I’m ready for the next big chapter on the way to the international para dressage ring.

From the YourDressage Community

From the YourDressage Archives –Starting Young

I was a scholarship winner for the USDF Youth Convention Scholarship! My mom and I went, and were really interested in the youth seminars they had. We were at the convention for two days and got to meet so many people. I really enjoyed listening to the coaches and riders talk about their experiences in competition and with their horses.

The Virtual Dressage Trainer Will See You Now

Learn how an Internet connection and a bit of tech savvy are transforming dressage education By Patti Schofler Reprinted from April 2015 USDF Connection Andrea Caudill lives in Amarillo, tX, the heart of cutting- and reining-horse country....

Three Dressage Riders and a Husband: A Grand Canyon Adventure

The National Parks Service celebrates its centennial birthday on August 25, 2016, with the Grand Canyon dedicated in 1919. What better way to celebrate this historical milestone than to go on a journey of...

Toby, The Strong

We found my older gelding, Toby, down in his stall. He was in obvious distress and pain, but still scrambled to his feet when I asked him to stand. Stacey had already administered banamine and my vet had been called, but Toby was still seriously struggling. He let me clip his lead rope to his halter and followed me, staggering, out of his stall.

A Clinic with the Connecticut Dressage Association

Connecticut Dressage Association (CDA) and Sperry View Farm hosted Lisa Schmidt on November 19-20, 2022 to review the updated 2023 US Dressage Tests

Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club (LPSDC)

Group Member Organizations (GMOs) are the foundation of USDF and integral in bringing dressage and dressage education to the masses. Stay ...

Around the Office

Meet the L Graduate – Diane Welcenbach

I work at a local aerospace firm full time in Information Technology – going on 36 years. I grew up in Wisconsin. I have organized/managed schooling show championships as well as recognized shows. I...

Meet the Instructor – Corinna Scheller Fleming 

Corinna Scheller Fleming is a USDF Certified Instructor at Training-First Level, a USDF Bronze Medalist, and a graduate of the USDF L Education Program with distinction. Corinna, who owns and operates Lost Island Farm...

To Listen

This article won the 2022 GMO Newsletter Award for a first person article for GMOs with 75-174 members. It originally appeared in the St. Louis Area Dressage Society newsletter, Hoofprints, April 2022. The USDF Group...

Meet the L Graduate – Tiffany Silverman

Tiffany Silverman is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, and USDF L Graduate with Distinction. She owns and operates Unbridled Dressage, in San Diego, CA, a private facility shared with her husband and...
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Ravel: A Dressage Titan

In honor of Ravel's 25th birthday this week, we look back on his and Steffen Peter's accomplishments - culminating in his 2010 Adequan®/USDF Grand Prix Horse of the Year award.

Not Just for Breeders!

You don’t have to be a breeder to compete with your horse in the USDF Breeders Championship Series! Anyone with a young horse, or a mature mare or stallion, should consider the benefits of competing with their horse in-hand. 
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