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A Taste of Greatness

But he was kind and gentle, and didn’t take advantage of the fact that I had only 6 months of riding under my belt when I tried him out.  He must have had a good feeling too, because he hung out with me at his stall when the rescue director and I were talking particulars. “Funny, he must like you, he typically stands in the stall with his butt facing the door.”  So home he came with me.


There are certain memories from my childhood that stand out. From my earliest moments in life, I remember being totally obsessed with horses. By the time I came along, my parents had started to build a farm in South Carolina with some acreage, raised cows, and procured a couple of pasture puff horses that were mostly feral. I rode every chance I could. My mind was constantly daydreaming of a certain racing Arabian black stallion (thanks Walter Farley) and numerous dancing grey Lipizzaners in formation from Miracle of the White Stallions!

To Love Lipizzans

As we built our partnership, we accumulated a number of accomplishments, but I would have to say our greatest accomplishment was obtaining all six USDF Rider Medals and USDF Freestyle Bars together - all before I turned 21. We are one of only a small number of US riders to accomplish this feat in general, let alone an even smaller group to do so at such a young age and all on one horse.

Past Lipizzan All-Breed Award Winners

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Spotlight On: GMO Awards

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Past American Warmblood All-Breed Winners

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Simi OVS, a Story of Tragedy to Triumph

At the time, I must have been crazy as I contacted her owner to get more information and x-rays. She had fractured her left hock, and although it was not a well-placed break, it was a clean break.

On the “Virg” of Greatness

To everyone interested in dressage with a Morgan or Morgan cross, I say go for it. They are lovely partners, often with such willingness and easy to ride gaits. A previous career doesn’t impede them from being able to succeed in their new career.

Discovering Her Roots

Having recently graduated from law school and with limited funds for a purchase, I found myself browsing PetFinder, hoping to maybe find an Off the Track Thoroughbred. The first profile I clicked on was of a 5-year-old, 13 hand pony mare, named Dixie.

Big Name, Little Horse

The truth is, I knew I was going to buy him as soon as I touched him. Every concern I had flew away with one breath. I just knew. The ride was just a formality. I paid for him that day and arranged for him to be picked up later that week.
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