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Staff Profile: Sharon Vander Ziel

Department: Education Job title: Senior Education Coordinator What is your main task in the office? 

USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge Memories

By Linzy Closs, Cazenovia College The USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge is a wonderful way to not only learn about the...

Dressage Puzzlers: Half-Halts

We tackle some of the most perplexing concepts in dressage. This month: half-halts. Reprinted from the November 2015...

Walk This Way

Many riders give little thought to this gait. Big mistake. Here's why. Reprinted from the September 2017 issue...

The Essence of Dressage

Do you know what the “essence of a movement” is? A judge explains how to put this concept to work in...

The Science of Nutrition

USDF convention sessions address feeding the sport horse Reprinted from the May 2015 issue of USDF Connection

Pasture Perils

You know tick bites can make horses sick—but did you know there’s more than one kind of tick-borne equine disease? Two...

Let the Training Scale Be Your Guide

Dressage should be an art without pressure or force Reprinted from the June 2015 issue of USDF Connection

How to Train Your Dragon

The biggest impediment to progress, an amateur rider discovers, is her own psyche Reprinted from the July/August 2015 issue...

Distance Learning

Schoolwork and showing aren’t an either/or decision. Here’s how some young dressage riders manage to excel in both the ring and the...
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