Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tag: Equine Injury

Reclaiming Joy

By Sharielle Lawrence HS Wrosaletti, aka Rossi, is my 2010 Hungarian gelding that was gifted to me in 2017 as a complicated rehab case. His...

Love, Perseverance, and Treats

The mighty Irish Draught Horse! We are celebrating them as our January Breed of the Month on YourDressage! Dressage riders who choose Irish Draughts as...

Patience and Perseverance!

Back in 2008, a Florida breeder of Lipizzans for 40 years welcomed a bay colt into their Lipizzan family. He was the only non-gray Lipizzan foal born to this breeder, and he was promptly named Chester. Tradition requires male Lipizzans be named in a certain way for the registry, so Chester’s fancy name was Siglavy Presciana II-II (Siglavy Aga x Presciana II).   He was backed at five-and-a-half-years-old, and when I met him in 2015 at 7, he was a recently-gelded, sassy, but beautifully started 15.1 hand powerhouse.  It was love at first sight, and I had to buy him.

A Young Rider’s Journey through NAYC

As soon as I pull into the show site in Traverse City, Michigan, I can feel the buzz of energy humming in the air. The competitors are days away from the start of the North American Youth Championships (NAYC). 

The Best $1 Purchase Ever

I get questions all the time of people asking me “What IS he??” when we’re in the warmup at shows and I proudly smile and say, “He’s a mutt, but he’s a registered mutt, and got some of that hybrid vigor!”

He’s the Ticket: A Tribute

He lives on in our hearts, but my sorrow runs deep for the loss of this great Morgan, He’s the Ticket. By Sharon Ortepio

A Grey Cloud’s Silver Lining 

By Liz Hill My first horse, Cairo, was a draft cross (possibly a Shire x QH) that I rescued as a weanling from the Pregnant...

Sometimes, You Aren’t Special…

By Beth Goldring We all know the amazing stories of horses or riders (or horses AND riders) overcoming all kinds of odds and injuries to...
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