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Word of the Week – Behind The Vertical

BEHIND THE VERTICAL - With the horse’s face viewed in profile, the front of the horse’s nose falls behind a vertical...

Word of the Week – Topline

TOPLINE - Profile from the poll to the tail along the top of the crest of the neck and along the...

Word of the Week – Freedom

FREEDOM - The reach, scope and lack of constriction in the horse’s movement. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Tempo

TEMPO - Rate of repetition of the strides as may be measured by a metronome. Tempo...

Word of the Week – Poll

POLL - The highest point of the horse’s skull (the occipital crest). In common dressage usage, however, “flexion at the poll”...

Word of the Week – Tracking Up

TRACKING UP - The hind feet step into the prints of the forefeet. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Roundness

ROUNDNESS - 1. The convexity of the profile of the horse’s topline, which is accompanied by concavity of the underline of...

Word of the Week – Lift

LIFT - Applied in piaffe and passage to address the height to which the forelegs are raised.

Word of the Week – Adduct

ADDUCT - To move a limb toward or across the horse’s midline. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Regularity

REGULARITY - Purity of the gait. At walk and trot, denotes symmetry in terms of evenness of the length of the...
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