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Meet the L Graduate – Alicia Cross

Alicia Cross has been riding and judging dressage for many years and enjoys the physics of horse and rider. She was an original member...

Meet the L Graduate – Michelle Sieracki

Michelle Sieracki is a 2010 USDF L Graduate from Oconomowoc, WI and an amateur rider who is currently leasing a horse. Michelle has a...

5 Reasons to Audit a USDF L Education Program Part 1

Developed by the USDF Judges Committee, the USDF L Education Program teaches future judges to evaluate the correct training of dressage horses. However, this...

Meet the L Graduate – Suzan Saylor

Suzan Saylor, of Bellville, TX, has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, as well as her USDF Gold Freestyle Bar. Suzan is...

Col. Clarence Edmonds – 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award winner

Col. Clarence Edmonds was awarded the USDF Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. He contributed for many decades to the growth and development of both...

Meet the Committee Chair – Lois Yukins, L Education Program

What is your committee’s mission? To teach judging methodology from biomechanics, rules, and the pyramid of training, to how to formulate scores and comments...
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