Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Meet the Judges of On The Levels 2023

The voices in the latest On The Levels will probably sound pretty familiar, belonging to FEI 4* judges Mike Osinski and Kari McClain. Meet them here!

Sneak Preview of the New On the Levels!

By Chelsey Burris The new ​dressage tests take effect on December 1, 2022​, and dressage enthusiasts from across the country are eager to learn the...

20 Meter Circle Examples

With Commentary from FEI "I" 4* and USEF "S" Judge and trainer Lilo Fore. Excerpt from 2011 On The Levels DVD. Please note this video...

Rein Back with Directives and Scores

0 With directives and scores featuring Janet Brown-Foy FEI "I" Judge, USEF "S" Judge, USEF "DSHB" "R" Judge, and USDF "L" Program Faculty. This is an...

Online Learning

Like everybody else, the USDF has vastly expanded its virtual educational offerings. Read this to make sure you’re taking full advantage. By Jennifer O. Bryant Online...

Serpentine in Trot and Canter

0 Shallow serpentines with scores from FEI "O" 5*and USEF "S" Judge Gary Rockwell and commentary from FEI "I" 4* and USEF "S" Judge and...

The Free Walk

FEI 5* judge Janet Foy provides scores and directives alongside two horse and rider demonstration pairs performing the free walk.

Leg Yield Examples with Scores

1 What does it take to get a 7 score on a leg yielding? Find out in this short video with scores from FEI "O"...

5 Reasons to Subscribe to USDF Connection

USDF’s flagship publication, USDF Connection, has been delighting and educating members for over 20 years.  Currently publishing six issues per year, it contains everything...

2015 Introductory Test B with Lilo Fore

0 Lilo Fore commentates on the 2015 Introductory Level Test B, explaining her scoring rational in real time as the test is being ridden. This...
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