Monday, January 24, 2022

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A True Champion

By Johnny Rob  Endel Ots Marks the 2021 National Championship Show as His Best Ever In the last decade, dressage trainer and competitor Endel Ots has...

Sights from the Championships – Regions 1, 2, 3, and 9

Fall means Regional Championship time! The 2021 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships are underway this year, with action from Regions 1, 2,...

From Racing to Dancing

He was still going around me energetically in the pen when the vet said she’d seen enough, and I wondered to myself, "how am I going to catch him?" I stepped slightly in front of him and asked him to stop. To my surprise, he slowed right down and turned toward me, like "Ok, what are we doing next?"

Chosen By a Saddlebred

I bought an American Saddlebred for dressage. More specifically, I bought a newly started, roughly 16 hand, 3-year-old palomino colt to gently get back into dressage… as an adult amatuer rider, who never really had much experience working with “baby” horses. However, before I get into how that’s going, I need to back up a bit and ex

Sights from EQUITANA USA

USDF was proud to be a partner of EQUITANA USA, which was held in our own backyard at the Kentucky Horse Park, just a...

My George and Me: The Story of a Grand Prix Saddlebred

We all have a heart horse, and if we are very very fortunate, we may have more than one in our lifetimes. I’m that lucky girl that has had several, but my guy “George,” CH-SH New York City Slicker, will always have the majority of space in my being.

Things to Look Forward to at EQUITANA USA

USDF is proud to be a partner of EQUITANA USA, which will be held in our own backyard right here at the Kentucky Horse...

From FEI Young Riders to Adopting an American Saddlebred: Reflections from...

This year, I’ve been patiently standing in the wash rack with hose in hand, watching for this horse’s eyes to soften before I spray. This year, I’ve been grabbing a fistful of chestnut mane as we venture outside of the arena. This year, I’ve been gaining the trust of a horse who has every reason not to trust anymore.

Meet the L Graduate – Karen Lee

Karen Lee is a dressage trainer located in western Wisconsin.  She has shown through Grand Prix and has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, and...

Persevering Through the Storm – The 2021 FEI North American Youth...

An exciting week was planned...  Juniors and Young Riders (ages 14-21) from across the country had converged on Traverse City, Michigan, for North America’s premier equestrian competition: the FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC)!  After the 2020 cancellation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was especially excited to be back for the show. Then, they checked the weather forecast and saw a storm was on the horizon. 
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