Friday, October 18, 2019

Word of the Week – Balance

BALANCE - Relative distribution of the weight of horse and rider upon the fore and hind legs (longitudinal balance) and the left and right legs (lateral balance). In dressage training, the horse learns to move with the base of support narrowed laterally and shortened longitudinally, which makes the balance less stable but at the same time makes it more mobile (especially the forehand) and susceptible to small external influences (of the rider).  Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Strung Out

STRUNG OUT - Outline too elongated -- horse sprawled out rather than gathered up into connection with good carriage and balance. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Working (Trot or Canter)

WORKING (TROT OR CANTER) - A pace in which the horse goes forward energetically but calmly, with a length of stride between that of the collected and medium paces.  A working trot should have at least a level balance (in contrast to the uphill balance of a collected trot). Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Outline

OUTLINE - The profile or silhouette of the horse, showing the horse’s carriage or posture. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Above The Bit

Above the Bit - A head position in which the horse avoids acceptance of the contact by putting the muzzle forward and upward, also usually retracting the poll. Full glossary:
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