Thursday, October 1, 2020

Word of the Week – Wide Behind

WIDE BEHIND - The horse travels with the hind feet further apart than the fore feet. This is an evasion of engagement which occurs most commonly in piaffe, halting, and lengthening of stride in trot. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Track/Tracks

TRACK/TRACKS 1 )The line(s) of hoof prints laid down as the foot or feet travel their individual path(s). There are two different versions of how to count tracks: to address the line of travel of each leg in determining the number of paths of travel, as viewed by the observer as the horse approaches him (e.g. three tracks for shoulder-in, four tracks for travers).to address front or hind legs as pair(s), such that lateral movements are considered to be “on two tracks,” in contrast to when a horse tracks straight. 2) Direction...

Word of the Week – Swinging Back

SWINGING BACK - The springy motion that occurs when the thrust off the hind legs is transmitted through a stretched topline with trunk muscles that contract and release rhythmically rather than remaining either rigid or slack. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Overflexed

OVERFLEXED - Behind the vertical, due to excessive longitudinal flexion at the poll and/or upper joints of the neck. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Looseness

LOOSENESS - Freedom from negative physical and mental/emotional tension. Relaxation. Full glossary:
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