Where Did Your Riding Journey Begin?

Photo courtesy of Brynne Boian.

Equestrians have to start somewhere! When/ where/ why did your riding journey begin? USDF wants to hear from you!  Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Dressage started before I knew what dressage was. I wanted to ride. At 20 I found a local stable and started. In jr high i ride saddle seat.
    Got my first and only horse what i was26. A 10 year old App. Who had never done dressage before. And the fun started from there

  2. I was in fifth grade when I started riding in a nine-week program, and by eighth grade I begged my parents to let me take regular weekly lessons!

  3. My mother brought me into the barn when I was two weeks old. She would hang me on the door while she cleaned atalls and did other chores. My Aunt had a ten stall barn and together they kept it full of Arabian horses, mostly thier homebreds. I don’t remember learning to ride. But I now teach others to ride and I love it!

  4. I started when I was 42 it had always been my dream but one I thought I could never achieve. I was looking as usual at horses for sale but this time I showed my daughter who too had never been able to ride except a couple of times, anyways she is like mom we can both afford a horse if we pitch in together I said well you ask your dad and guess what he said yes! So off on our adventure. It has been a long road but with the right trainer we finally have been able to make our dreams come true I showed for the first time last season and wow what a great feeling.

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