The “Cracker Jack” Prize in Our Horse Trailer


By Alexandra Kennedy

My name is Alexandra, Alley for short. I am 14 and live in Texas. My mom and dad own a nonprofit horse rescue, The Silver Lining Training Center.

My first meeting

When I was 7 my parents went to look at a six-horse trailer. The owners showed them a horse they had bought at auction but were afraid of and wanted to give away. My parents had no room for the horse but said they would look for a home for him. They went ahead and bought the trailer.

When the trailer was delivered, my parents and I were at Costco. When we returned home, we unloaded the groceries, and then went to look at the trailer. The horse was inside! My mom called the people, but they begged her to take the horse. He had hurt the father and girl, and the father wanted to send the horse to the slaughter auction.

The barn at Silver Lining

We decided to keep the horse.  He was very scared. He was so head shy that when a student reached up for his halter, he swung his head so hard he hit my mother on the other side, sending her across the barn. He broke her jaw and caused brain bruising and severe whiplash. My mom got better and did not blame the horse.

After months of training and progress, the horse became a show horse. My mom began to let me show him. On our way to a show one day, we passed a pack of people riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. My father said, “Now that’s a Harley,” and my mom replied,” I will show you a Harley!” So, this beautiful dark bay gelding got his new name” Show Me Your Harley” or Harley for short.

Together we have taken the dressage and hunt world here in Texas by storm. Harley has been state champion at the State Fair of Texas several times and has shown and won all the way up to Second Level dressage shows. He is my everything. He has taught me so much.

I am so grateful for, as my mom calls him,  “the Cracker Jack prize” in the trailer we bought. This has taught me to always look for the real diamond in the rough. I want to always  let people know that there can always be a “silver lining” if you look for it and work for it!

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