Priscilla Endicott – 2018 USDF Member of Distinction

MEMBER OF DISTINCTION PRISCILLA ENDICOTT: Endicott’s NEDA colleague Beth Jenkins (second from left) accepts from USDF president George Williams, USDF Historical Recognition Committee chair Charlotte Trentelman, and USDF vice president Lisa Gorretta (Jennifer Bryant photo)

In 2018, as approved by the USDF Executive Board, the USDF Historical Recognition Committee chose four noteworthy members to receive this honor. A Member of Distinction is someone who has made outstanding contributions on a local or regional level toward the fulfillment of USDF’s mission of education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage. Priscilla Endicott is the first honoree we recognize.

Priscilla Endicott founded the New England Dressage Association in 1972 and served as NEDA’s first president. The USDF charter GMO has since grown into the USDF’s largest single-chapter GMO, with many illustrious members. At her farm, The Ark, in Harvard, Massachusetts, Endicott hosted clinics with European dressage masters. She was also instrumental in NEDA’s establishing dressage shows—the NEDA Fall Festival remains New England’s largest and most prestigious—and organizing judge-training seminars.

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  1. I am thrilled to see the honor bestowed on Priscilla. She sold me her horse “Willis” I renamed Beowulf- , in Harvard, Mass . He was a prospect she had who was for me, the horse of a lifetime.
    Thank you to her for establishing the New England Dressage Association, the Junior -level championship, for her leadership and excellence! But most of all, for my Beowulf.

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