2017 Adequan®/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference: Debbie Hill


In this extended footage of the 2017 Adequan®/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference, Hans-Christian Matthiesen and Lilo Fore work with Debbie Hill and Cartier on where to physically place the horse for effective training. Hans-Christian notes that Cartier is very active in his mechanics, and brings up the dressage-wide discussion of whether a horse is a “leg mover” or a “body mover”, and whether as a rider or trainer, you want to try to change a horse’s way of moving.

The 2017 Adequan®/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference, held at High Meadow Farm in Loxahatchee, FL, featured clinicians Hans-Christian Matthiesen and Lilo Fore. For information on dates, location, attendance criteria, or to apply to be a demonstration rider at future Trainers Conferences, visit the USDF Website.

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