Meet the L Graduate – Katherine Simard


Katherine Simard is a dressage instructor and trainer who resides in Littleton, Colorado. Her love of horses began at a very young age. She feels blessed to be able to make a living following her passion.

How long have you been involved in the sport?

I switched from hunter/jumpers to dressage about 30 years ago.

How long have you been a USDF member?

I have been a USDF member for about 30 years.

What made you decide to participate in the USDF L Education Program?

My instructor was encouraging me to become a professional trainer. I feel that an education is important in whatever field you work in. Rocky Mountain Dressage Society was offering the L Education Program, and I signed up to increase my education and further develop my eye. I learned a lot and, in the end, passed the testing. I felt that it gave my professional status some credibility.

How long did it take to complete the program, start to finish?

I was lucky that RMDS was running a program over a one-year period here in Colorado. I did it start to finish in one year.

Do you plan to further your dressage education and to continue to apply what you learned in the program to become a licensed official?

I will always be furthering my education! However, I do not plan to continue further on the judging path.

Do you serve as a judge for schooling shows in your capacity as an L Graduate? If so, on average, how many per year?

Yes! I usually judge between five and seven schooling shows per year – dressage schooling shows as well as eventing.

What impact did the program have on your dressage knowledge?

The program had a large impact on my dressage knowledge. As stated above, I felt I needed the education to even call myself a professional. Passing the test opened doors for me to do more training and teaching opportunities. The knowledge I learned, I was able to share and know that I was taking my students and horses down a correct path.

Name three things you took away from the program that you think every rider should know.

Pyramid of training, biomechanics of horse and rider, and basics are important!

Have you participated in or completed other USDF programs? Describe.

I am a USDF Certified Instructor through Fourth Level and a member of the Instructor/Trainer Faculty.

Have you served in any other official capacity with USDF (council/committee member, council/committee chair, PM/GM delegate, board member/Regional Director, etc.)? Please describe.

I am currently a co-chair of the RMDS Professionals Committee. In the past, I have served as RMDS President as well as President of two chapters.

Tell us about your horse(s).

I currently personally own two horses who are not competing. I spend any down time I have with them, learning what they have to teach me in their unique way.

Phone: (720) 981-4448                                                                                                          


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