Tips for Competitors from Competition Management – Preparing for a Dressage Show

Art by Leigh Swanson, entry in the 2016 USDF Arts Contest.

Show season is right around the corner! Make sure you are your horse are ready to compete with these tips from competition management. Also, check out our tips for preparing for show season.

  • Prepare all the documents electronically including USEF Waivers and Entry agreements. This way, once you enter, you can upload the needed paperwork.
  • Ensure the current owner or lessee is listed on the entry form.
    • When a lease is on file, the lessee is considered the bona fide owner for the term on the lease and should be listed on the entry form as owner.
  • If you hang your own stall plaques or cards at a show, make sure you have the most current contact information on them in case of emergency.
  • Coordinate with your barn group and use one consistent name for the stable group.
  • If your horse can have no neighbors, plan to purchase at least one tack stall.
  • Remember to review your online entry confirmation and verify everything is complete and correct.
  • The prize list answers up to 95% of the pre-show and during show questions. Please read it and keep it handy!
  • Be sure you know where competitors are allowed on the show grounds, which rings you’ll be in, and where you’re allowed to lunge.
  • Reserve your nearby lodging in plenty of time and confirm with your hotel if you need one that is dog-friendly.
  • Inventory your show supplies, show trunks, and show clothes. There may or may not be a vendor at the show if you forget something or something unexpectedly does not fit.  Make sure medications and treatments for emergency veterinary care have not expired and are still good to be used for the coming show season.

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