Spotlight On: USDF Horse Performance Certificates


The USDF Horse Performance Certification Program was established to recognize a horse’s competency and mastery of each level, Training through Grand Prix, as well as young horses competing in USEF Four-Year-Old and FEI Five-, Six-, and Seven-Year-Old Young Horse Classes. This recognition is based on a horse’s lifetime achievements, not just one particular competition season.

In order to be recognized with a USDF Horse Performance Certificate, a USDF Lifetime Registered horse must earn ten scores of 60% (or 6.0 for young horse tests) or higher from four different judges, from four different competitions, and with four of the required scores coming from the highest test of the level. At each level that these requirements are met, a horse will be eligible to be applied for and receive USDF Horse Performance Certification.

In order for scores to be eligible to be applied toward USDF Horse Performance Certification, in addition to the requirement of USDF Lifetime Horse Registration, horse owners (entities) must have a USDF Participating (or Business) Membership at the time all scores are earned and the rider, during each applicable ride, must meet minimum competition eligibility requirements by retaining a USDF Group or Participating Membership.

To date, over 4,250 USDF Horse Performance Certificates have been awarded, with the level breakdown as follows:

  • Young Horse (combination of USEF Four-Year-Old and FEI Five-, Six-, and Seven-Year-Old tests) : 4
  • Training: 1,797
  • First: 1,244
  • Second: 573
  • Third: 333
  • Fourth: 173
  • PSG: 144
  • I1: 89
  • I2: 11
  • GP: 52

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