Celebrating Our Youth

Submitted by Jo Anna W. - Sophie Wayner with Andy (a Hafie)

August is Youth Month on YourDressage! From stories about remarkable young dressage enthusiasts across the country, to articles about some of the opportunities USDF offers to youth riders, join us all month long as we celebrate equestrians aged 25 and under. They are the future of our sport!

We recently asked our youth social media followers to share photos with their favorite horses, and to let us know why they love the sport of dressage. Here, in Part 1, we proudly present a full gallery of photos they shared.

If you’re a junior, young rider, or young adult equestrian, let us know what you love about dressage and send us a photo at yourdressage@gmail.com for your chance to be featured in an upcoming photo gallery. We will also be looking for stories from youth riders across the US to share all August long.

Submitted by Lucy S. – I am seventeen years old. One of my favorite horses is my chestnut mare, Porsche’s Florencia (barn name is Flo). I just purchased and began riding her in March of 2022, but we have been showing Juniors and Third Level. I think one of my favorite things about dressage is that there is always something to learn. Regardless of your age, years of experience, horse, trainer, or level at which you’re competing at there is always something you could do better.

Submitted by Savannah P. – Dressage is one of my favorite disciplines because of the beauty. Me and my horse Amira (a 15 year old Lippizan mare) just clicked in dressage this year. And few months back I had a lesson where my trainer asked us to let the horse stretch or ask for collection I chose collection. That’s the moment where everything changed – she immediately put her head into frame and it was amazing. Ever since that moment we’ve been working on it and that picture is from a show this year.

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