Sponsor Spotlight: Premier Equestrian

Premier Equestrian Arenas

What programs do you sponsor with USDF?

Premier Equestrian is a contributing sponsor of the US Dressage Finals, the sponsor of Underfoot, and a USDF Member Perks Partner.

Briefly describe sponsor

Premier Equestrian designs and manufactures high-quality dressage arenas and world-class arena footing for both amateur and competition riders. We’re dedicated to helping customers obtain the best arena equipment and riding surfaces at an affordable price. The safety and health of your horses is our top priority, which is why we go to great lengths to educate ourselves and the industry about materials, production, and biomechanics.

Why is sponsoring programs and events with USDF important to you?

We’re incredibly supportive of US Dressage and both the amateur and professional programs. USDF is known for supporting education, and we’re proud to be part of the USDF education series to help promote the sport of dressage and wellness of the horse.

What connections does your product/mission/company have to the sport of dressage?

We sponsor several Olympic dressage riders, including Adrienne Lyle, Steffen Peters, and Sabine Schut-Kery, as well as numerous farms, facilities, and national horse shows. Premier Equestrian President Heidi Zorn was also recently appointed Footing Advisor for the FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark where she advised on the competition surfaces for dressage and para dressage, as well as jumping.

Quote from sponsor

Our goal at Premier Equestrian is to Evaluate, Educate, and Elevate™: evaluate surfaces, educate our customers, and elevate their riding experience and the health of their horses.

What is one thing you want USDF members to know (that they may not) about your products/services?

Our main objective is to help ALL dressage riders achieve a quality surface. Through our lab-testing techniques, we can help every rider at every income level improve their surface and, as a result, improve the rider experience and the health and wellness of their horse. Our second objective is to supply quality dressage arenas and training equipment at an affordable price. USDF members receive additional discounts on Premier Equestrian products.

What about dressage makes your company a good partnership?

Premier Equestrian was a trailblazer in the dressage arena industry: we developed one of the first portable, affordable dressage arenas for both competition and at-home use. We have also excelled at producing a formula for dressage footing that can be used for competitions and at-home use.

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