My Valentine

Submitted by Holston Manor/Seal Sport Horses: XOXO Rodrigo 💕 I don’t think there could ever be a horse that means as much to me as this one! I’ve always found that my personal horses are usually someone else’s last pick because they’re quirky, angry, or really scared. These are the horses that I want to keep! To show that the job and people can really be a lot of fun. Rigo has returned this favor to me with so much trust and willingness to work for me after a rough start to life. He’s my little buddy 🥰

Heart horse – that once-in-a-lifetime equine that comes into your life & leaves the most lasting impression. 💕 With Valentine’s Day having been yesterday, we wanted to share a gallery of these amazing horses to celebrate! we asked our social media followers to share their heart horses, and got so many touching submissions.

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