Steal My Heart

Submitted by Amanda Braun: Commando is a horse like no other. He has so much heart and truly the best partner. I have had him since 3 from the breeder and we have had some major highs and lows. We have accomplished so many things together that I never dreamed were possible - multiple year end champions, dressage finals, Dressage at Devon, bronze medal , bronze bar, and only 1 score left for my silver. Last April he was diagnosed with wobblers and the recommendation was to euthanize him since he was ataxic. I was gutted and asked what options I had. We started a program for him that targets the inflammation and he has improved and is doing so well. I know I am on borrowed time, and that makes every single ride and every single success more touching. I didn't give up on him, and I feel like he's not giving up on me. He is the true definition of a heart horse. He owes me nothing, and I have made a promise to keep him happy and comfortable until he says it is time. ❤️🐎Captured at Devon on 2 10, 2022 by Bethany P Photography

We asked our social media followers to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing their Heart Horses with us, and we got so many great responses that we couldn’t fit them all in one gallery!

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