Friday, December 2, 2022

Tag: Anxiety

A Cinderella Story

This little big horse has so much try, and really strives to do well at whatever we ask of him. Anxiety and tension will forever be a battle for him, but he is learning to trust his rider, and allowing us to work together as a team. It can be challenging to overcome all this emotional baggage, especially in an older horse.

Got Show Nerves? You Have Something in Common with Elvis!

By P.B. O’Dwyer If anxiety is keeping you out of the show arena, remember: You are not alone.  Experiencing anxiety before a competition is a normal...

Eric’s Training Corner

This article won the 2021 GMO Newsletter Award for a general interest article for GMOs with 175-499 members. It originally appeared in the Illinois...

Keeping You and Your Horse Grounded in Times of Chaos

By Sophie Wayner Welcome to Part 3 in our new series, “Clear Eyes, Sound Mind, Halt, Salute.” Focusing on equestrian mental health, these articles come from...

Sport Psychology: Fear and Anxiety

0 Dr. Jenny Susser, PhD, discusses the difference between fear and anxiety in an excerpt of the 2011 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention. For related articles on dealing...
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