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Ask the Experts: Flexion of the Poll

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpzqSs1TmnY Jeremy Steinberg addresses questions regarding flexion and counter flexion in this excerpt from the 2011 Adequan®/USDF National Symposium. The American Training Program DVD set is...

Ask the Experts: Judging the Young Horse

https://youtu.be/3vuinTlmDdw Expert FEI 5* Judge Anne Gribbons explains how the 4 yr-old Young Horse Classes are judged. This excerpt is from the American Training...

Proper Adjustment of the Curb Chain with Debbie McDonald

https://youtu.be/Q95u5ym8TXM Olympian Debbie McDonald discusses her views on the proper adjustment of the curb chain. Excerpt from the American Training Program DVD set available...

Views on Lungeing with Ingo Pape

https://youtu.be/ntiktGJQzgM Young Horse expert Ingo Pape discusses his views on proper lungeing. Filmed at the 2013 USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Program.

Proper Frame for the 4-5 Year Old Horse

https://youtu.be/kKqliK5e49Y Young horse expert Scott Hassler discusses his thoughts on the proper frame for a young horse. Excerpt from the American Training Program DVD set,...

Views on Being Behind the Vertical

https://youtu.be/2GSrPHDlEBo Presenters Debbie McDonald, Anne Gribbons, and Scott Hassler give their guidance on horses who sometimes go behind the vertical. Filmed at the 2011 USDF...
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The First US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®

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USDF Recognizes Accomplishments for Riders of All Ages

USDF recognizes achievement for riders age 50 & over through the Adequan®/USDF Vintage Cup program, & riders age 60 & over through the Master's Challenge Award!