Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Ask the Experts: Flexion of the Poll

0 Jeremy Steinberg addresses questions regarding flexion and counter flexion in this excerpt from the 2011 Adequan®/USDF National Symposium. The American Training Program DVD set is...

Ask the Experts: Judging the Young Horse

0 Expert FEI 5* Judge Anne Gribbons explains how the 4 yr-old Young Horse Classes are judged. This excerpt is from the American Training...

Proper Adjustment of the Curb Chain with Debbie McDonald

0 Olympian Debbie McDonald discusses her views on the proper adjustment of the curb chain. Excerpt from the American Training Program DVD set available...

Views on Lungeing with Ingo Pape

0 Young Horse expert Ingo Pape discusses his views on proper lungeing. Filmed at the 2013 USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Program.

Proper Frame for the 4-5 Year Old Horse

0 Young horse expert Scott Hassler discusses his thoughts on the proper frame for a young horse. Excerpt from the American Training Program DVD set,...

Views on Being Behind the Vertical

0 Presenters Debbie McDonald, Anne Gribbons, and Scott Hassler give their guidance on horses who sometimes go behind the vertical. Filmed at the 2011 USDF...
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