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By Land and By Air, Competitors Arrive for the 2019 US...

By Yellow Horse Marketing for the US Dressage Finals "We had an uneventful trip, and that's the best kind!" More than 2,000 miles of continental United States once again...

California Dressage Society (CDS)

Group Member Organizations (GMOs) are the foundation of USDF and integral in bringing dressage and dressage education to the masses. Stay connected...
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The First US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®

Take a look through the first ever US Dressage Finals program!

USDF Recognizes Accomplishments for Riders of All Ages

USDF recognizes achievement for riders age 50 & over through the Adequan®/USDF Vintage Cup program, & riders age 60 & over through the Master's Challenge Award!