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Have you ever ridden or showed a pony in dressage?

Have you ever ridden or showed a pony in dressage? What breed was it? USDF wants to hear from you! Let us...

Finding Confidence through Dressage

By Alycia Skye If I was to tell you the whole story of Rocky and I, we would find...

Seldom Seen Retires

0 2005 Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame inductee, Seldom Seen, proved that top horses don't have to...

Life at Twin Lights Farm

By Mary & Colleen Barrett I started Twin Lights Farm in 2003. Located in Westminster, MA, it is a...

The ‘Downsized’ Dressage Horse

If you’re a youth or a petite lady, a pony or small horse might be just the ticket to dressage success.

Road To The Finals: Small But Mighty

By Jennifer M. Keeler Every year when riders and horses from across the country gather in Lexington, KY, for...

You’ve Already Won

By Christine Erikson In 2015, my 20-year-old half-Arabian was starting to show signs of old age, and we had...

The Journey Matters More Than The Destination

By McKayla Hohmann I’ll raise my hand to let you know that I am the rider that came in last...

It Takes Two

By Janie Pride In 1996, I took a wonderful trip to Holland to look for a dressage pony. Little...
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