Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tag: Equestrian Lifestyle

See The World Through the Ears of a Horse

By Jenna Knudsen My name is Jenna Knudsen, and I am the founder of "The Smart Equestrian" a personal empowerment community exclusively for equestrian women. Our community includes riders of...

The Journey

By Bethany Larsen Horses. Large, expensive, fragile. They eat a vast portion of their weight in hay, produce an unseemly amount of waste, and are...

Tonite with Tilly

By Debbie Berry The sun has long since dropped behind the mountains and rain drums a rhythm on the roof of the arena as Tilly and I...

5 Tips for Working Students

Many upper level trainers will regularly take on working students, which is an opportunity to work with horses of varying levels of training, under knowledgeable professionals....
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1995 Regional Championships

As we kick off the 2023 Great American/USDF Regional Championships today, we went way back in our archives for this find!

Understanding the USDF Governance Structure and Elections in 2023

Learn about the USDF Governance structure and upcoming elections in 2023