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Janne Rumbough – 2016 Inaugural USDF Member of Distinction

Janne Rumbough was the inaugural recipient of the USDF Member of Distinction Award at the Salute Gala and Annual Awards Banquet, on December 3,...

American Dressage Legends: Fiona Baan

Reprinted from the October 2017 USDF Connection magazine. Each year at the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships dressage competition, the overall highest-scoring young...

American Dressage Legends: Jessica Newberry-Ransehousen

Reprinted from the November 2014 USDF Connection magazine. Some dressage enthusiasts make their mark as riders. Others’ primary contributions are as judges, organizers, or other roles. Not...

American Dressage Legends: Maj. Gen. Guy V. Henry Jr.

Reprinted from the March 2015 USDF Connection magazine. This month’s featured member of the Roemer Foundation/ USDF Hall of Fame is a reminder of our sport’s...

American Dressage Legends: Maj. Gen. Jonathan R. Burton

Reprinted from the May 2017 USDF Connection magazine. Go through the list of early Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame inductees (online at and...

American Dressage Legends: Lazelle Knocke

Reprinted from the April 2017 USDF Connection magazine. Some of the most important people in American dressage aren’t famous riders or trainers. Instead, they make significant behind-the-scenes contributions...

American Dressage Legends: Major Anders Lindgren

Reprinted from the September 2015 USDF Connection magazine. Reflecting our sport’s European roots and the influence of many foreign trainers in American dressage, several...

American Dressage Legends: Sally Swift

Reprinted from the October 2016 USDF Connection magazine. If your riding instructor has ever counseled you to imagine your body parts stacked like building blocks in...

American Dressage Legends: Karl Mikolka

Reprinted from the May 2014 USDF Connection magazine. Although a number of European dressage masters played important roles in developing the sport in this country, relatively few...

American Dressage Legends: Margarita “Migi” Serrell

Reprinted from the April 2016 USDF Connection magazine. In the early 1960s, dressage was little known or respected in the US. Margarita “Migi” Noble Serrell...
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