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Word of the Week – Rhythm

RHYTHM (Regularity and Tempo)- The characteristic sequence of footfalls and timing of a pure walk, pure trot, and pure canter. The...

Word of the Week – Against The Bit

AGAINST THE BIT - The horse presses against the bit with a rigid or unyielding neck/poll/jaw. Full glossary:...

Word of the Week – Rapid

RAPID - Refers to the tempo (strides per minute) unless otherwise noted. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Mobility

MOBILITY - Easy maneuverability/nimbleness of the shoulders/forehand/forelegs, made possible by a narrowing and shortening of the horse’s base of support.

Word of the Week – Bend

BEND - The laterally curved position in which the horse’s body, as would be viewed from above, appears to form a...

Word of the Week – Evasion

EVASION - Avoidance of the difficulty, correctness, or purpose of the movement, or of the influence of the rider, often without...

Word of the Week – Zig-zag

ZIG -ZAG - Three or more half passes connected by changes of direction. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Stride

STRIDE - Cycle of movements that is completed when the horse’s legs regain their initial positions.  Length of stride refers to...

Word of the Week – Forward

FORWARD - Moving or tending to move toward the direction in which the horse is facing (in contrast to sideways, backward,...

Word of the Week – Relax/Relaxation

RELAX/RELAXATION - 1.Referring to the horse’s mental/emotional state:  calm, without anxiety or nervousness. 2. Referring to the...
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