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Word of the Week – Harmony

HARMONY - Used in reference to the relationship between the horse and rider, the partners’ positive physical as well as mental/emotional connection, showing...

Word of the Week – Snatching

SNATCHING - 1) Horse attempting to jerk the reins through the rider’s hands. 2) Picking up the leg(s) jerkily and sometimes excessively high. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – From Behind

FROM BEHIND - Shorthand for “energy/activity/thrust from the hind legs” (as in “needs more__‘from behind’”). Full glossary ://

Word of the Week – Irregular

IRREGULAR - Impure, unlevel, or uneven. Can be momentary or pervasive, and may or may not be due to unsoundness. Should not be used...

Word of the Week – Methodology

METHODOLOGY - The system that a judge uses to give scores in a consistent and standardized fashion. This results in the correct and logical...

Word of the Week – Position

POSITION - 1) Lateral flexion at the poll so that the horse “looks” to the side, e.g., “positioned right” or “positioned left.” 2) Posture...

Word of the Week – Blocked

BLOCKED - Impaired in the connection due to sustained muscular contraction, creating rigidity. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Chewing The Bit

CHEWING THE BIT - The movements of the horse’s mouth—gently and softly mouthing the bit—showing mobility and relaxation of the jaw and causing secretion...

Word of the Week – Exercise

EXERCISE - A designated task that may include movement(s), transition(s), figure(s), and/or pattern(s) to be performed at designated gaits and paces and sometimes at...

Word of the Week – Suppleness

SUPPLENESS (Elasticity and Freedom from Anxiety) - Suppleness indicates the absence of negative muscular tension, allowing the joints to move with harmonious flexibility. Elasticity...
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