Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Tag: Glossary

Word of the Week – Quick

QUICK - Refers to the tempo (strides per minute) unless otherwise noted. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Over The Back

OVER THE BACK (OR TOPLINE) - The horse stretching and rounding the back or topline. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Dragging

DRAGGING - Refers to dragging of the hind feet or inactivity of the hind legs or failure to lift the hooves clear of the...

Word of the Week – Impulsion

IMPULSION (Engagement and the Desire to Go Forward) - Used to describe the transmission of an eager and energetic, yet controlled, propulsive thrust generated...

Word of the Week – Stuck

STUCK - Instead of being raised in the rhythm of the gait, a foot remains on the ground throughout the entire stride. Usually applied...

Word of the Week – Flexibility

FLEXIBILITY - Range of motion of joints and the ability to move the joints freely.  Also described as Suppleness.  Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Carriage

CARRIAGE - The posture of the horse, most easily evaluated when viewing the horse’s profile or outline from the side. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – Harmony

HARMONY - Used in reference to the relationship between the horse and rider, the partners’ positive physical as well as mental/emotional connection, showing...

Word of the Week – Snatching

SNATCHING - 1) Horse attempting to jerk the reins through the rider’s hands. 2) Picking up the leg(s) jerkily and sometimes excessively high. Full glossary:

Word of the Week – From Behind

FROM BEHIND - Shorthand for “energy/activity/thrust from the hind legs” (as in “needs more__‘from behind’”). Full glossary ://
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