Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tag: Jan Brink

Tempo Control Demonstration by Jeremy Steinberg

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldJbNyU75wY In this excerpt from the 2007 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference rider Jeremy Steinberg demonstrates exercises to improve tempo control. The 2007 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers...

Walk Work with Young Horses

https://youtu.be/SCgwAGJpPB0 Jan Brink explains how he starts to shorten the walk on a five-year-old. Filmed at the 2007 Succed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference. To see more...

Neck Placement in the Piaffe and Passage

https://youtu.be/i2-vSgOEOU0 Jan Brink explains why it is important to give horses some freedom in the neck when schooling the piaffe and passage. Filmed at...

When Things Go Wrong, Ask Yourself These Three Things

https://youtu.be/XWsWx2_vics Jan Brink shares the three things he asks himself when a movement is not working. Filmed at the 2007 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference, you can...

Selecting a Horse for a Young Rider

https://youtu.be/yL60jI3GX90 Filmed at the 2007 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference: Jan Brink explains the importance of character and rideability. To hear more of Jan's commentary during...

Handling Tension

https://youtu.be/glBjZXi5nBc Filmed during the 2007 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference, listen to Jan Brink talk about spookiness and tension in the horse.

Rider Confidence

https://youtu.be/UfnqnWdjoYM Jan Brink discusses rider confidence and how important it is for trainers to not just take a horse from a student when a problem...
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