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5 Facts About L Education Program

The USDF L Education Program offers a comprehensive curriculum created to teach participants and auditors how to evaluate dressage performance at Training through Second...

Members Unearth Free Digital Content for Riding at February EIDEA Meeting

By Donna Hammond This article won first place in the 2018 GMO Newsletter Award in First-Person Experience for GMOs with...

Can You Succeed in Dressage Without a Warmblood?

Meet two “nontraditional breed” horses that have trotted off with many accolades By Patti Schofler

Lessons from the “L” Program

Our training series concludes with a look at the “rider” collective marks By Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez with Fran Severn

Dressage Judging: National vs. International

Yes, there is a difference—for both judges and competitors. Here is a potential solution to help close the gap.

A New Tool for the Toolbox

By Clara Etzel Can you pinpoint the most transformational dressage experience you’ve had? Take a moment to think about...

Top Ten Tips from a USDF L Graduate with Distinction

By Katie Rocco Editor's Note: While a USDF L Graduate cannot refer to themselves as judges, since they are...
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