Monday, May 29, 2023

Tag: Leg-Yield

Exercise Of The Day #13 – Head to Wall Leg Yielding

By Eliza Sydnor Head to Wall Leg Yield is a very helpful exercise for teaching your horse better coordination in crossing their hind legs. It...

Exercise Of The Day #9- Spiral In, Leg Yield Out

This is a great, go-to exercise for many lower level horses. It encourages bend through the body as you spiral onto a smaller circle,...

Dressage Talk No. 12 with Cesar Torrente – Featuring Bill Warren...

International FEI Judge Cesar Torrente hosts Dressage Talk No. 12.  In this episode, he chats with Bill Warren and Bill McMullin about leg yielding, shoulder fore and...

American Dressage Legends: Col. Bengt Ljungquist

Reprinted from the July/August 2014 USDF Connection magazine. Not all members of the Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame are Americans. Several foreign individuals have been...
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USDF’s Original Membership Cards

Anne Zahradnik recently shared this photo of her original USDF Membership Card - for the 1977-1978 membership year!

USEF Licensed Dressage Judge Licenses Explained

The United States Equestrian Federation licenses dressage judges at three levels. Here we give a brief explanation of licenses, as well as requirements for judging specific classes.