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One teacher, five horses, and a lot of luck!

By Chris Cashel A few weeks ago, I received my certificate for completing my USDF Gold Medal. I think the odds were against me, but I am goal driven so here is my story.

A Taste of Greatness

But he was kind and gentle, and didn’t take advantage of the fact that I had only 6 months of riding under my belt when I tried him out.  He must have had a good feeling too, because he hung out with me at his stall when the rescue director and I were talking particulars. “Funny, he must like you, he typically stands in the stall with his butt facing the door.”  So home he came with me.

Ageless Eye Candy

Eye Candy (Escudo II x Goldstern by Grenadier), a 1999 Hanoverian bred by Hans Hosp of Ottendorf Germany, began his classical dressage training in Vechta, Germany, with Catherine Haddad Staller in early 2003.  Eye Candy was purchased by Robin Mattson in October of that year.  Eye Candy remained in Germany in training with Staller until the fall of 2005, when Robin  imported him to the United States.  Over the next 17 years, Robin and Eye Candy progressed through the levels to Intermediate I, earning their USDF Bronze and Silver Medals.

Peter’s Got This

Peter’s new job is to help me regain my fitness and get back into the competition ring.  I’m back up to riding four or five days a week most weeks, and even if I need to take frequent breaks, he is right there with me, with his wonderful attitude and work ethic.

The Enforcer

I met Maestoso at a riding clinic 12 years ago. I asked the owner if I could simply just sit on him. To me, that was the equivalent of shaking hands with a rock star! She said, “Why don't you ride him in a session?” I was so overcome with excitement that I was quickly reduced to a child that was barely able to ride! He was magnificent! I could only own a horse like that in my dreams.

Going On a Spree

Those of us who have been bitten by the horse bug know that our partnerships with these wonderful creatures are as essential as breathing. All of them have their own special qualities and lessons to teach us, and having any opportunity to ride is a tremendous privilege. That said, once in a very long while, if you are extremely lucky, you get a partnership with a horse that will change the trajectory of your life.  Spree is one of those magic horses.

A Cinderella Story

This little big horse has so much try, and really strives to do well at whatever we ask of him. Anxiety and tension will forever be a battle for him, but he is learning to trust his rider, and allowing us to work together as a team. It can be challenging to overcome all this emotional baggage, especially in an older horse.

Practically Perfect

Practically Perfect Tigger would never inconvenience anyone, therefore, I am certain he was born at a very civilized hour.  He would have immediately started gathering admirers with his flashy knee-high socks, beautiful chestnut coat, and his adorable blaze that accentuates his soft, expressive chocolate brown eyes.

Life’s A Breeze

My love affair with Arabians and Half Arabians started when I was in kindergarten and taking lessons at a local program. Arabians are known for being spirited horses, with great athleticism. Arabians are also prized for their wisdom, kindness, and generosity. As a teen, I had plenty of athleticism of my own, but I lacked a few key things that I would need as an adult to be successful and happy.

My Little Wonder Pony

If I have one regret, it’s that I didn’t begin Ginger’s dressage career earlier on. I am a petite adult, but riding a 12.2hh pony, so you can imagine the looks I get sometimes. I used to let this get in the way of taking ourselves seriously as competitors, but my little pony has more heart and try than any horse I have ever sat on.
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