Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Diapers and Dressage – Is Life Balance a Thing?

By Erin Tupper Life balance.  That overused and seemingly unattainable trendy term every adult seems to have thoughts on.  I promise I’m not bitter!  I’m...

Diapers & Dressage – Tough Choices and Heart Horses

By Erin Tupper Grace.  She is my heart horse.  The love of my life and the mare I will forever hold on a pedestal.  She...

Diapers & Dressage – The Challenge of Getting Back in the...

By Erin Tupper As my husband and I packed our bags for our ski trip out in Jackson Hole, WY, our discussion turned to the...

Diapers & Dressage

By Erin Tupper Here we are with another horse girl blog.  There are so many horse girl blogs out there, I sat for a long...
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1995 Regional Championships

As we kick off the 2023 Great American/USDF Regional Championships today, we went way back in our archives for this find!

Understanding the USDF Governance Structure and Elections in 2023

Learn about the USDF Governance structure and upcoming elections in 2023