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Meet the L Graduate – Megan Compton

Megan Compton is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, USDF L Graduate with distinction, trainer, coach, and FEI rider.  Through engaging cross-training, Megan’s program...

Walter Zettl and the Training Scale

https://youtu.be/nhRMumPxKsU This video is sponsored by Premier Equestrian.

Riding Is One of the Most Difficult Forms of Artistic Sport

By Walter Zettl Translated by Lynne Sprinsky Echols The German-born dressage master Walter Zettl wrote this essay shortly before his death in June 2018. The USDF thanks Herr Zettl’s widow,...

How Much Collection Is Needed for Second Level?

Second Level, an important step up, calls for collection for the first time. We explain the requirements of the level. By Marilyn Heath Reprinted from the...

The New Pyramid of Training

The time-tested “training scale” has some wording changes. Here’s what’s new in the 2019 update. By Marilyn Heath Reprinted from the December 2018/January 2019 USDF Connection...

Let the Training Scale Be Your Guide

Dressage should be an art without pressure or force Reprinted from the June 2015 issue of USDF Connection By Walter ZettlPhotographs courtesy of Walter Zettl Riding dressage...

Dressage Puzzlers: Forward

We tackle some of the most perplexing concepts in dressage. This month: “forward.” By Michael Barisone with Amber Heintzberge Reprinted from July/August 2015 USDF Connection You won’t...
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