Monday, November 28, 2022

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Interview with William Fox-Pitt: Equipment Fitting for the Event Rider and...

November 2016, WFP Clinic, Great Meadow, VA. By Anne Crowell and Abby Carter Q: What saddle features do you look for when fitting the rider? A: Neutral...

Snaffle Bit Quiz

0 How well do you know the USEF snaffle bit rules for National Level competitions? Take this quiz and find out! ' For more information and to...

Do You Celebrate Your Horse’s Birthday?

If so, how do you celebrate? USDF wants to hear from you! Leave a comment in the comments section.

What kind of horse(s) do you own or ride?

USDF wants to hear from you! Tell us how you got your horse(s), a little about his or her breed(s), and what your favorite thing is about him or her!
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