What kind of horse(s) do you own or ride?

Photo courtesy of A.C.Bray

USDF wants to hear from you! Tell us how you got your horse(s), a little about his or her breed(s), and what your favorite thing is about him or her!


  1. I grew up on AQHA and Appaloosas. With excellent guidance in a local 4H club, I learned the foundation of so much that is paramount in my day to day horse interactions. Back yard horses, gave way to breed shows, and eventually I found my way to my first KWPN. I fell in love with the warmblood. Today I own Oldenburg and Westphalian. It seems to me the Registry is less about breed in these horses. They seem very similar from one to another. Unlike the US breed registries, which have such different type from one breed to another. What matters most is the horse, registry aside, I love them all.

  2. A good horse is a good horse. For me I prefer one that greets me every single day with “what do WE get to do today!” I own Arabians / Half Arabians. Love the GO switch. Love the positive energy. And the bond we develop.

  3. My two heart horses (who have since passed) were AQHA. My first love was an older, ornery chestnut gelding named Fred who taught me to sit up and sit back, or be ejected, LOL! Despite his attitude, he had a soft spot for being curried and loved homemade oatmeal treats. My second love was a gorgeous beef-cake grulla named Pistol who made me dream of Second Level and first-time ownership. Both of these horses taught me so much, and gave me so many fun memories- and honestly, their breeding was the last thing I cared about!

  4. I currently have two Paint/TB crosses. The epitomize the perfect backyard ammy horse-TB athletic ability and paint horse brain. I bought them because I have owned other horses with the same paint horse breeding and I knew they would be trainable and have easy going temperaments. I found them from a breeder of event horses in Montana. I love that they are game for anything I want to try. We spent years in the hunter ring and now have progressed to dressage. Both have an amazing work ethic and are fun to ride.

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