Staff Profile: Kathie Robertson


Department:  Education

Job title:  Education Department Manager

What is your main task in the office? 

Oversee education programs for youth, instructors, Licensed Officials, amateurs, and professionals, as well as the competitive based programs for NAYC, Dressage Seat Equitation Semi-Finals, and Dressage Sport Horse Breeding.

Members may call you concerning: 

Questions can come to me regarding any education program, Licensed Officials Education, NAYC, Dressage Seat Equitation (the youth program) and Instructor Certification

How long have you been with USDF?  

17 years

How did you get started? 

I started in Marketing

What is the favorite part of your job? 

I enjoy meeting the members and seeing their passion for the sport.

What is your favorite part of USDF? 

The opportunity to be active and make a difference in the sport and the opportunity for personal growth.

Share a little about yourself

I moved to Kentucky from California where I owned and operated a boarding and training facility with my mom – specializing in Eventing.  While in California, my husband and I also owned a pistachio orchard.  I have two children, both very active in different aspects of the equine industry. 

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