Friday, February 28, 2020
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Photo submitted by Wil Smeets of Pictures With A Passion Horse Photography

Word of the Week – Thrust

THRUST - Propulsive forward and upward drive from hindquarters. Required at First Level to achieve improved balance and throughness; at Second...

The Countdown

Photo by Tara Jelenic, Adult Photography entry for the 2016 USDF Art Contest

Word of the Week – Rhythm

RHYTHM (Regularity and Tempo)- The characteristic sequence of footfalls and timing of a pure walk, pure trot, and pure canter. The...

One Love

Photo by Taryn Young

Word of the Week – Against The Bit

AGAINST THE BIT - The horse presses against the bit with a rigid or unyielding neck/poll/jaw. Full glossary:...

Winter Naps

Photo by Gianna Avery, 15 & Under Photography entry for the 2019 USDF Art Contest

Word of the Week – Rapid

RAPID - Refers to the tempo (strides per minute) unless otherwise noted. Full glossary:


Photo by Lisa Dean, Adult Photography entry for the 2015 USDF Art Contest

Word of the Week – Mobility

MOBILITY - Easy maneuverability/nimbleness of the shoulders/forehand/forelegs, made possible by a narrowing and shortening of the horse’s base of support.
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