Monday, October 25, 2021

Tag: Shire

To Fall in Love with a Giant

I still remember walking into the barn and seeing a newly arrived American Shire named Echo Valley Nash in the stall across the aisle from my horse.  I had never seen one in person and at two years old, he was at least 16.2h and 1,500lbs.  He was black as night with a wide blaze that swept over his left eye like a dodo bird.  He had silky white feathers covering all four legs, an undocked tail as thick as the jungle, and feet the size of 7-inch dinner plates. He was absolutely majestic, and I was enamored by him.

Belle of the Ball – A Cinderella Shire

When I said I wanted a draft horse, Belle isn’t what I imagined. I did not intend to actually bid on her, but spontaneously hit her bid button while sitting on my couch at home. And then, no one bid after me.
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