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Ask The Experts: Snaffle Bits

0 Scott Hassler answers a question from an audience member about loose ring snaffle bits and young...

Starting One Tempi Changes

0 Get some tips and exercises for starting and perfecting one tempi changes from Debbie McDonald.

Ask The Experts: Nosebands

1 Scott Hassler, Jeremy Steinberg, and Debbie McDonald discuss noseband options, and why different types of...

Proper Adjustment of the Curb Chain with Debbie McDonald

0 Olympian Debbie McDonald discusses her views on the proper adjustment of the curb chain. Excerpt...

Proper Frame for the 4-5 Year Old Horse

0 Young horse expert Scott Hassler discusses his thoughts on the proper frame for a young horse....

Ask the Experts: Approaching the Canter Pirouette

0 FEI 5* Judge Anne Gribbons answers the question of how to correctly approach the canter pirouette...

Acclimating a Sensitive Horse to the Whip

0 Jeremy Steinberg discusses how he approaches working with a horse that is overly sensitive to the...

Transitions Within the Gait

0 Debbie McDonald explains how to ride transitions within the canter to improve connection and collection.

The Stretch Circle

0 Anne Gribbons explains what judges do and do not want to see in the stretch circle.

Building Fitness in the Young Horse

0 Scott Hassler shares his tips for conditioning young horses outside of the arena.
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