Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: USDF Breeders Championships Series

The Equine Pipeline

From education to competition, the USDF and the USEF offer a progression for success By Christine Traurig and Kristi Wysocki Reprinted from the January/February 2021 issue...

A Look Back at USDF’s 2018 Champions

0 Relive exciting moments and presentations from 2018 championship competitions. We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Championships!

Life at Twin Lights Farm

By Mary & Colleen Barrett I started Twin Lights Farm in 2003. Located in Westminster, MA, it is a family-run operation, with a breeding program...

All Thanks to the Doctor

By Maryanna Haymon The story of Doctor Wendell MF is one of a dream and an ambitious goal to breed a Grand Prix stallion. To start...

From Foal to FEI

Can dressage success be predicted? By Sarah Evers Conrad Reprinted from the December2018/January 2019 issue of USDF Connection The barn is alight with a hushed excitement: The...

Drawn to Dressage

By Renee Bambach As a new arrival to the dressage and sport horse breeding worlds, I was uncertain of where or how to begin my...

A Love of Horse Shows

By Jennifer Bateman Horse shows have always been a passion for me. They rank pretty high on my list of “important things,” only slightly less...
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