Monday, January 24, 2022

Tag: USDF Bronze Medal

Nothing I Wanted and Everything I Needed

The first time I saw Explosion In Gold, I leaned over to my trainer and whispered, “What is... that?” It took two weeks for me to decide to keep him.

The Lady and I Were Dancing

She could see past what Zorro and I were individually to what we could be together. Even though I thought she was crazy, I trusted her, and the journey began.

Just Chance

“Chance was twenty-one and, not wanting anything bad to happen to him, I bought him for the bargain price of $50.”

Enjoy the Dance

My vet told me it was his last gift to me, because he knew how hard it would have been for me to make a decision one day, so he went out on his terms, in good health.

(Sun)danc to Bronze

Arabians are our YourDressage Breed of the Month for July!  One of the oldest horse breeds on earth, and the influence for many other...

Wendy & Ever So

By Wendy Suprenant Ever So is my heart horse.  She came into my life in 2005; she was 7 years old and not really doing...

The Odyssey of Homer

By Sara Webb I have loved horses my whole life. My dad played the coach horn for my uncle’s four-in-hand while we were growing up, and the...
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