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5 Facts about the USDF Connection magazine

USDF Connection’s inaugural issue was published in May 1999. The May/June 2019 issue celebrated 20 years of publication.

World Class

As a rider, trainer, judge, and official, Linda Zang has forever expanded what’s possible in dressage By Natalie DeFee...

Preserve Your Young Horse’s Precious Mouth

A young horse’s early experiences set the stage for his entire career. Get him off to a good start by introducing contact...

Nailing It! Riding with Success Through the Levels

Based on USDF’s On the Levels videos, our new training series debuts. Part 1: Introductory Level. By Beth Baumert

Youth Outreach

What is our sport doing to attract the next generation of enthusiasts? By Amber Heintzberger Reprinted...

5 Facts About USDF Business Memberships

You’ve probably heard of USDF Participating Membership & Group Membership, but did you know USDF also offers a Business Membership?  Check out our list of...

Staff Profile: Jennifer Bryant

Job title: Editor, USDF Connection What is your main task in the office?     I don’t...

Faith, Family, Friends, and Fortitude

Meet the dressage pro who spearheaded rescue efforts after Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle By Colleen Scott

Staff Profile: Emily Koenig

Department: Marketing Department Job title:  Senior Publications Coordinator What is your main task in the office?    ...

1999 USDF Connection magazine

Above is a page from the December 1999 issue of the USDF Connection magazine that shows past presidents and past publications of...
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