Central Florida Dressage (CFD)


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Locality: Region 3, Florida
Website: http://www.centralfloridadressage.com

How many members does your GMO have annually, on average?
80-90 members

Tell us about your GMO.
Central Florida Dressage celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2016. The year CFD was established, there was one recognized dressage show in the state of Florida, organized by the legendary Klaus Fraessdorf. Enthusiasm for dressage gained momentum through the efforts of CFD and other Florida clubs. Today, there are multiple recognized dressage shows to choose from in Florida, almost every weekend. CFD focuses on offering educational opportunities, as well as supporting the grassroots CFD community, an area extending from Ocala in the north to Kissimmee in the south, and encompassed by the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. Members receive special rates at the educational clinics, our yearly fun show, our annual banquet, and a holiday member party. The CFD monthly e-newsletter keeps members informed about local subjects of interest (Avoiding Heat Stroke and Hurricane Preparedness are always popular subjects), as well as USDF and USEF news of interest. In addition, CFD Business Members receive profiles and hyperlinks to their businesses. A fun member feature in the e-news is the very popular “Mystery Rider” feature. A picture of a member, in younger years or other guises, appears at the top of the newsletter. Don’t worry, we reveal who it was at the bottom of the same newsletter, along with that member’s profile. CFD’s yearly community action event, the Fabulous Freestyle Fundraiser, features costumed musical freestyles, presented in a fun family friendly format. All ticket net proceeds go towards supporting Freedom Ride, a Therapeutic Riding Center in Orlando.

Does your GMO offer unique classes or activities that cater to youth, adult amateurs, or professionals? If so, please provide a brief description.
Tina Drake Ride-A-Test and Raswan Award Selection event happens every fall. Tina Drake “R” contributes a full day of her expertise, devoted to providing an economical educational event aimed at CFD amateurs and junior riders (although professionals are welcomed also). The event was so popular last year, we needed an extra half-day to accommodate all the riders. From these participants, Tina picks out “The Most Harmonious Pair” to receive the Raswan Award. The Raswan Award is a beautiful perpetual trophy that honors Tina’s beloved Swedish Warmblood stallion, Raswan, and is presented at the annual banquet. The clinic day is rounded out with a potluck luncheon with loads of fun, supportive friends around all day.

What type of educational events does your GMO offer?
In the summer of 2016, Sharon Poulin gave a two day clinic, which was auditor friendly, with PA system, ring side covered seating for auditors, and pot luck lunch. In the spring of 2017, we held the Super Clinic, a one day Ride-A-Test with Sandra Hotz and Bill McMullen, along with a ‘Lunch and Learn’ titled “Farriery by Physics”, an educational Power Point presentation by Ken Jimenez, held during the lunch hour at the Super Clinic. Coming this fall, we’ll hold the Tina Drake Ride-A-Test and Raswan Award Selection
event, as described earlier.

What type of “fun” events does your GMO offer?
Wear your best Hawaiian Shirt and enter the CFD’s annual Hawaiian Shirt Dressage Show and Fun Day! The classes offered include all USEF dressage tests ridden in front of an “L” graduate, “r”, “R”, or “S” judge. Ride your quadrilles and pas de deux in hula grass skirts, or dress your horses in goggles and flippers for the ever-popular costume class! Dressage trail classes, western dressage classes, and a stall decorating contest rounds out the day. Don’t forget the Friday night Luau member get together!

Any Additional Comments?
CFD Annual Holiday Party and the CFD Annual Awards Banquet round out a great year of activities and provide some well earned social time. We are small but mighty!

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